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New member withs pics and a question

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Hey, guys i picked up my 2006 Range Rover yesterday, for my winter car, here are some pics 1st of my Little toy 335i :D , and my new truck, i love it, its a blast to drive handles great and you just feel good driving it.

My first question is where can i pick up a new steering wheel? The leather on mine is beginning to fade..

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I like the wheels on the Bimmer. A new steering wheel may be available for free from your dealership, assuming yoru warranty is still in effect. Otherwise, it's going to cost your a million bucks from them. I'd look at online Rover parts stores, ebay, steeringwheels-?-us.com, etc.
Hey, guys just took the car in and got the steering wheel replaced under warranty , and it only took the 45min, and i got the new design aswell :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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