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New Member with questions

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Hello fellow RR,
Great site, great people, lots of good advise. I'm about to pull the trigger on an 06 Supercharged with 25k miles, Chawton White with Ivory/Jet, all options excluding the entertainment system. Are there any specific problems I should be looking out for? Never own a supercharger so this will be my first and I'm not sure if there are any special care to these engines. Appreciate all your expert advise in advance.

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Welcome. Got the same truck. You'll really enjoy it. (but sans the RSE)

If this is your first foray into the LR world, do your research. Great vehicles, but as all die hards will tell you, they require a lot of patience and a different mindset from owning a Lexus/Toyota or whatever.

Search "2006 Supercharged", & you'll have all your questions answered, and whatever new problems you discover, please post so we can learn from them.

Welcome again.
Thnx DrDread, I have always owned German and Japanese cars so going to a RR is totally new. Always love the look of the Full Size RR but been shy away because of all the problems my mechanic told me. But after searching, most of the problems reported are common among other manufactures as well. I hope this baby won't disappoint me.
Yeah mechanics love to scare people away. Probably rightfully so, as they are not for the faint of heart, and you def will have to put some $$$ into your baby at some point and on a fairly regular basis. But that was the ol' days. Ironically, you still see those "problem" RRs still going strong all over the place, so how bad are they really.

Yours to be is pretty low mileage, just really go through the service records, get as much detailed history about usage, etc. All used car-common sense stuff. If it was higher mileage or an older model, there'd be a lot more opinions here, but as far as RR goes, it's pretty new, any issues would/should've been taken care of, and it hasn't really reached its "problem years".

I haven't found too many problems unique to the supercharged though. The little things that I've had problems with were pretty universal, and small. And quite honestly if I didn't have a few mos left on the factory warranty, and shell out ~$7k for a factory bumper to bumper warranty (100k/4yrs), I would've ignored most of the little things.

One thing you'll see is having a warranty is key. It's piece of mind, and saves you $$$$ in the event of the unexpected. Research all the recommendations posted here, or just walk into your local LR and say, "I want an extended warranty". Do it soon as they supposedly are no longer taking vehicles past original warranty period. So find out if/how much warranty is left and what the after warranty coverage (if any) is included.

So post some pics when you get her, don't put on bling wheels unless you want to incur the wrath of the RR gods (just kidding), and IMHO get every LR accessory to make your truck a truck, and not a soccer van.

suerte y paz

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Besides regular maintenance, any major issues with your RRS? I know I won't be using this vehicle much and afraid that if it sits for a long period of time, won't the air suspension developed problems. Here's some pix of the White RRS.

Interior shot

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Personally nothing not expeditiously sorted out. The thing is these sites r for the most part more geared towards problems, so it won't give u a real world perspective & may unnecesarily scare u because people talk
more about negatives than The positives of their cars, you know what I mean?

More importantly tell us about this beast. She looks good btw. What have u found out about it's history? There r guys w the same year truck that have not had and probably will never have a major problem. then there r guys who have been dealing w issue after issue since they brought it home. I haven't had any major mechanical stuff, the biggest was a fuel line thing taken care of under warranty.

I know a lot of guys that do <5k/y, they just make sure to drive it around the block at least wkly to cycle everything up. If ur not going to use much then u really needn't b worrying about major issues especially if u get a warranty.
RRSC=Range Rover Super Charged
RRS=Range Rover Sport
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