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New Member Starting Problem??

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I have been lurking here for around 6 months since buying my 1998 4.6 LTD Edition.

It's my 1st Rangy and what a superb car it is too, I love it too bits!!

Well it was till last week when all of a sudden it cut out just after starting and wouldn't start again.. Left for 10 mins and it started but wont tick over when cold as soon it's been running for around 3-4 mins it is fine (Keeping foot on pedal to about 1,000 RPM) and starts well all the time until it's cold and does the same??

Haven't checked anything yet but not really sure where to start as I have never had this with previous cars if it wouldn't start it would be easy where to look!

Just wondered if this a known fault and if there is a easy fix??


Ian AKA Jolly Giant 6ft 6inch tall and happy!!
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Can you drive it to a local place to get the codes read for free?

It could be any number of things...maf meter, injector(s), fuel filter, IAC valve, vacuum leak. My guess would be the IAC valve (Idle air control) or vacuum.
No codes are showing!!

Windscreen washers packed up at the same time but don't think they are connected!
How is your voltage?

These things do crazy stuff when the battery goes.
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