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New member here, currently own RR's 5 and 6 Just love the marque, maybe cos i'm British and grew up with them - remember having a job on Saturdays while at school pumping gas and saw my first ever classic it was 1969, way before getting to the US, just loved RR's since then.

1= 2000 Disco 2 Dark gray/tan
2= Full size 2004 BMW engine silver/ navy and cream interior
3 = Full size 2007 Jag engine Black/cream interior
4 = Sport 4.4 2009 white/white interior
5 = Sport 4.4 2009 white/black interior Still own this one
6 = Sport 5.0 2011 luxury edition charcoal/cream interior Still own this one.

The Sport 2009 4.4 I still own is getting up in mileage as I use it for commuting, it is just starting to have a few problems, main one would like to ask the members about is :

Went in for an oil change last week, the shop said the drain plug was "spinning" and there was a small oil leak around it , must be small as I do not get any drips in my garage or driveway.....the bottom sump is quite expensive, could I just renew the drain plug?
Thanks in advance to any members who can help!
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