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Hi to you all,

Bought my first RR Classic new in 1989(?) - 2 door 3.5 EFI metallic burgundy. Loved it (or Roger as he became known), even though interior bits of plastic kept on falling off, but couldn't afford to run it as daily transport, so it had to go!

Some 25 years laterI bought myself another (Roger Jnr) to run around my wife's farm fundamentally, but also for short local trips This time it was a 1991 4 door 3.9 EFI manual Alpine White (VIN NA), in what I believe was the Silver Fox Edition, but without the sunroof or the silver fox badge. The car was in pretty good shape with some 105.000 plus miles, and felt like an honest kind of vehicle, so I paid the man his 2,800 Euros and took it for a full upholsterly clean at my wife's insistence, after which what I had thought was the Brown trim turned out to be Gey!

Almost 2 years on, my initial impression of Roger jnr has basically proved true - the body work isnt perfect but that suits me fine as a working off road vehicle.

Finally, much as I've always loved cars since I was a child, my knowledge of mechanics and how things work is basic in the extreme.

Look forward to corresponding with you in the future!
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