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Hi Everyone,

Im a British Expat living in Bahrain, have just purchased a Range Rover Vogue 2004, and am very excited to join this forum. I hope to get to know some of you and be able to learn from all your expertise.

The car has a few issues that I need to deal with:
- the mirrors fold in but instantly fold back out (i read on the forum it may be something to do with the microswitch)
- the left mirror lateral adjustment doesnt work
- few engine defects that will be taken care of
- the built in telephone (cordless phone in the glove) is broken - the eject assembly is broken so is the ribbon cable, will look at replacing that to a Bluetooth unit

I have a few projects I am looking at for the Range Rover:
- iPod integration (or at worst aux input)
- gril upgrade (maybe)

anyways, looking forward to chatting!
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