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New Member - Help Identifying Wires 13 RRS/SC

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Hi all!
I have a new to me 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged that I am in the process of getting settled into. Thus far its a great suv, with loads of power. I was looking through the engine compartment and noticed a wire on the passenger side, next to the air filter, that the previous owners seemed to have tapped up. It goes to a white coupler located in a cavity under the passenger headlight. (see photos for ref) Does anyone know what this wire goes to? The white coupler is next to a green coupler, which also has wires running parallel to the white one which has the tape fix.

What I am curious about is, is this wire for the front cameras? Reason I ask, I have the 360 camera system however the front right camera shows blue screen "no signal".

The other wires I was curious about are the ones by the battery in the battery compartment. I look to have some wires feeding off the positive terminal post, and wanted to find out if these are normal, or if this truck has aftermarket accessories on it.

Thanks in advance all for your help!
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Disregard the duplicated photo on my top post.. The wires running along side the battery I had hoped to find their purpose are these (see correct image below.)
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Interesting. You could try to unplug them and see what changes. I suspect you are correct that they are camera cables as they have an unusual connector. I did a quick google search and found similar looking connectors for RRS cameras. However, I don’t have cameras on my 2007 so I can’t say for sure. I’d gently unplug them (white and green) and see what happens.
Id try the same thing on the +ve cable connected to your battery, if you cant trace them to a component that you could photo. Something will stop working and you can figure out what it is. However, you might trigger a CEL so its best to do this only if you have OBDII computer that can read and clear codes.
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