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Previously owned '88 Classic and a '06 RR HSE. I am now looking to return to the Rover family w/ a CPO purchase of a 2010 RR HSE "LUX" or possibly RRSC. I come to you all seeking advise on what to look out for....likes/dislikes...MOST importantly...as an experienced RR owner...what are the potential issues in the 2010's? I am already aware of the Vision Assist wiring harness issues and have seen this up close and personal. I am told that once all harnesses are replaced, cameras work w/o issue...true/false? I have also extensively researched the Santorini Blk vs Sumatra Blk comparisons (which is what led me here) and all of the info found was extremely helpful and reinforced to me that I am indeed not crazy for seeing the clear difference!

My only loss of sanity is failing to kick this disorder that we all have....and that is our love and affection for Land Rover! Please help/council/advise where you see fit! If I should be considering a new '11 model b/c it may have fewer issues since the many interior/electrical upgrades...PLEASE let me know! I am hopeful that your trusted user opinions will help me decide which model (and yr) to close in on!

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