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Hey all. Introducing myself, been a while since I was on a forum, plenty in past years owning various makes and models. Anyway, just picked up a pre-owned 2016 RRS HST...traded my '11 RR SC which had over 100K on the clock and was starting to show it with some mechanical issues. I considered another full size but figured I could have some fun in the sport for a couple years before I really needed the extra room for the kids..

I also own a 2001 P38 4.6 which I absolutely love. 150K+ on the clock and aside from some minor repairs ("3 amigos" dash light issue solved with a new accumulator) that truck has been incredible good to me.

For the Audi appreciators I also keep a 2014 S6 with a little work done in the garage...very fun to drive but not my daily.

Anyway, look forward to spending time here, always found good info from the forum when googling problems here and there.

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