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Hi gang,

Hi from Australia.

I have recently bought this beast for the bossas a mum truck that I can enjoy too.

I was actually looking at a 2014 or 2015 V8SC,but came across this and thought I'd put the balance into a boat :)

Picked it up for a bargain as the dealermislabeled it as a MY11 instead of MY12, which is quite a significantdifference. Luckily the condition of the vehicle was top notch as well. only 39999 kilometers and apparently babied it's entire life.

I had a 2013.5 Luxury a few years ago, was agreat car but man the V8 is awesome. I am absolutely love with her. Sure she's thirsty, but someone who was concerned about fuel consumptionwould be out of their mind considering something like this hahahha.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Range rover Sport utility vehicle

I'll put my questions in the correct section



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