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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hello All

I'm Henry!!

17yrs old with a LR sized hole in his life he had to fill `)`)

My first car is a 2002 Mini One great BTW

but i always fancied a Land rover as a after college side project, with the new emission law that is probably going to be enforced i looked solely at Petrol LR's and RR's

Originally i was looking for a Disco 1 v8 but the styling and rot didn't quite do it for me so i skipped them and started looking at Series landies and older defenders.

However the prices were way too steep.

I kept trawling ebay and gumtree until a little/big gem popped up.

A Monte Carlo Blue Range Rover P38 Vogue 4.6

It seemed like the perfect vehicle.

upon inspection the carpets were soaking. Heater Matrix O-rings probably..

quite a few scratches including a massive Dent in the rear quarter.

A horrible whine Either worn UJ's or VCU :twisted:

125k high or low mileage?

Oh and it's a 2001!

Big battery drain.

And most recently the car has been immobilsed by an electrical fault ;):lol:

Plenty to get along with `)

Thanks For Having me..

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