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Hello i am new here i am debating wether to sell my 4-runner and get a 2000-2---2 rover .Has anybody made that type of switch and had any regret .My 4-runner is a 2000 with a stock locker a little 4 wheeling and alot of driving i like to drive. Ilive in new mexico there is alot of places to roam.I am looking at a one owner 2001 with 89000 miles one owner had bags replaced by dealer has alot of dealer service receipts.Oh by the way i can get that for7,500 looking for oponions and any help i can get . Ken thanks
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If all the mechanical/electrical aspect of the car looks all right, then I think a 01 model w/ just 89k is a great find. The RR I have is a first SUV for me, so can't help you w/ comparisons.

However, I do feel that the RR handles well on road and off road. If you're mechanically inclined, ownership of this vehicle should be fine.
Thanks i like the 4-runner but i always liked the rr and this looks to be taken care of. I figure might as well drive what you like you olny live once or am i trying to convince myself to do it .I can get it shipped to me for 630.00 i thought was a bargain.
Welcome and Congrads... almost. I came from a background of offroading and have found the Rangies to be absolutely heaven. As one with lots of back issues I would nolonger think about driving anything else. Parts are easily accesible, the wealth of knowledge here will easily keep you up and running if you can turn a wrench. :thumb:
I know it sounds crazy but i had jeeps and likesd them alot and could work on them .I get the 4-runner there is nothing to do to it except maint i am not complaining but i like to open the hood and figure out stuff.
Funny, I just traded my 2006 4Runner for 2000 Range Rover. I was just tired of seeing the exact same silver 4Runner as mine at every stop light. I also like working on my vehicles. Compared to the 4Runner, the 4.6 HSE is not going to break any land speed records. That is why I hold onto a Porsche as well.
Turn a wrench? Check
Use the search button? Check.

Good to go on the switch to RR? Check.

BUT...I wouldn't buy one I couldn't look over in person first. These things are a dime a dozen. I'd wait for one local. Plus $7500 isn't a killer deal anyway...it's not horrible for the miles, but with shipping you're looking at over $8k.

Either way...welcome.
Thanks i will keep that in mind i have never bought a vehicle i didnt see in person.
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