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Found this forum, and just in the knick of time. Looking at an Autobiography purchase at the first of the year. Have done my homework and pretty much decided on selecting every option, besides the rear DVD entertainment system. I can take it or leave it. Looking forward to having it in my garage, it cannot be here soon enough.

Reason I decided on a Range Rover Sport. I'm a single dad and still hauling my son and his pals around, dogs, and Costco runs. Would like a sports car, and keep my truck, so I decided on the Range Rover Sport Autobiography. I believe it to have all the elements I need in one application. I've looked at Porcshe (GTS and Turbo), BMW (M) and Mercedes (AMG), and with the remodel in 2014, it pretty much put me over the decision mark top.

I enjoy reading posts here, it just confirms my decision. As i mentioned before, it cant't get here soon enough. Look forward to reading more, and posting pics when I have mine.

Thanks guys (and gals)!
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