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source: https://www.landrover.com/Images/Range-Rover-Brochure-1L4051900000BXXEN01P_tcm281-536176.pdf

The optional Driver Assist Pack offers a wide range of driver aids including the features found in the Drive Pro Pack* (see page 37), the Park Pro Pack (see page 39) and the 360° Surround Camera. It also includes new Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist. This latest technology makes motorway driving and heavy traffic situations even easier and more comfortable. It achieves this by gently assisting steering, acceleration and braking to centre the vehicle in lane while maintaining a set distance from vehicles ahead. Moderate steering interventions ensure that the physical effort of maintaining a central vehicle position is reduced.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist can be activated from 15km/h and once activated will operate between 0-200km/h. It begins functioning when you depress the ‘Set’ cruise button. A camera and radar then work together to track vehicles and lanes ahead to maintain
a central position for your vehicle, and moderate its speed according to the behaviour of the traffic ahead of you. If the vehicle ahead slows, even to a standstill – the feature automatically slows your vehicle, bringing it to a stop where necessary, to maintain a relaxed and composed drive in busy traffic situations.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist works with you; as you keep your hands on the wheel anticipating the road ahead, the system assists with steering, braking and acceleration. Should you remove your hands from the wheel, the vehicle will provide a warning. If the warning is not heeded then the Steering Assist is deactivated but the Adaptive Cruise Control remains active.
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