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New Color for RRS 2011 - Pics included

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Not really.....One question......why :shock: :lol: 8-0= ?????


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:?: what's wrong, I don't get it... except that it's the old body style and you are calling it for 2011.
Does that color not look like purple or magenta to you??????
More magenta to me. I actually like it. I dont think LR would sell too many of that color, but its different.
It could just be a bad cell phone photo of a Rimini Red.
+ it looks like dusk. Any context around the photo, or any others?

You only have to see back to the Maroon colour of Disco's/Classics from early 1991 ? Best to looking back before going forward !


'88 Highline
Perth, W.A.
Ford has a color like that called Toredor red but I think Umbertob is right unless the house behind it is actually made from purply pink bricks. :lol:
Nail polish comes to mind.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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