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new 2019 range rover sport dynamic

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finally got the rover and completed all the upgrades

narvik black, almond interior
soft close doors, domestic socket, cabin ionization
ordered 11/7 took delivery 1/18

Avant Garde A.R.T M632 wheels. 22" with toyo tires. custom paint to match narvik black on face of wheels, accents and barrel done in matte black
painted exhaust tips matte black
Stek-USA smoked PPF film on tail lights and rear fog lights
Modesta new car delivery prep: 2 stage paint correction, primer, BC04 coating.
Clearnano film on front nose and bumper, head lights, and A,B,C and D pillars. BC04 coating on film
15% tint on front windows.
Valentine 1 radar installed, proclip phone holder installed with rokform magnet.
installed water deionizer in garage for spot free water rinse down as needed.

love the ride. no issues and she looks bad ass

2nd pic was before prep, coating and smoke out film. 3rd pic shows them smoked out.

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Noice. Didn't take you long to murder it out, and with the cleaning gear. You'll need it.
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