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Hi everybody,

First of all let me thank you all for the great community you have, and the priceless information you have put online for all RR owners to benefit from (much to the dismay of the LR stealerships).

I've been lurking in the shadows of this forum for about 6 months, during which I learned a LOT on how to get my Rangie back on it's feet (or wheels...).

I'm an Argentine expat who has been living/working in the Dominican Republic for the last 4 years.

I own a 2000 4.6 Range Rover Vogue (euro/export spec) in Java Black with Lightstone interior with 165K kms on the clock.

I'm the third owner, and fortunately the previous owner had it for 6 years and had a good maintenance record.

Sadly, for some of you, it's been converted to coils (aka "castrated") by the previous owner, apparently due to an unknown electrical condition that affected the EAS (or so I've been told...). Although I wish I still had a working EAS, having the coils makes me feel so much confident when I go out on trips all along the island.

Anyway, now it has the AB coil conversion with HD springs and Bilstein shocks. Can't complain.

Since I got this truck I replaced/took care of the following:

- all cooling hoses
- water pump (broke on me during the first week)
- thermostat
- belt polyvee
- ABS acumulator
- heater matrix bypass hose (it came bypassed when I bought it, probably because of o-ring or heater matrix problems. Anyway, we don't need heating in the Caribbean)
- steering wheel airbag (previous one had a big rubber crack)
- valve cover gaskets
- HT leads (magnecor)
- NGK spark plugs (iridium)
- washer fluid sensor
- battery (900 CCA, Motorcraft)
- all halogen bulbs (osram nightbreakers)
- 4 door puddle lights (rubber was shot)
- RH front indicator lamp
- 2 HK door speakers (had teared cones)
- blitzsafe ipod adapter
- complete interior detail
- paint & wax treatment

plus lots of bits and pieces missing which where replaced thanks to Microcat/Rave and parts from AB, roverconnection, britcar.uk and ebay.

On every step of this journey, I searched these forums and always found good, solid advise, and for that I'm very grateful.

I still have several minor things to take care of (who doesn't ?) which I'll post about during the following days.. :)

Soooo.... without further ado, here are a couple of crappy phone shots of my baby in the parking lot.

[attachment=1:1yamrwun]IMG00003-20100125-1715.jpg[/attachment:1yamrwun] [attachment=0:1yamrwun]IMG00004-20100125-1716.jpg[/attachment:1yamrwun]


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