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Hey all, I've been floating around the forum for a few months gathering information on the L322 TD6 HSE.

After a fair bit of time wasting with potential buyers of my old car, I finally got my hands on my first Range Rover.
I was quite lucky to pick it up for the price I did ($17,300 NZD) and then remove the GST (as it will be my company vehicle) approx. $14,800 :)

While doing my research I came to find that the Range Rover was not a stranger to the mechanics by the look of the reviews.

However, I managed to snap this one up with a gearbox and turbo replacement at 148,000km's (now done 188,000kms). Also, the airbags & front diff appear seem to be working as they should, which is always a bonus.

My first views of the truck are nothing but positives. I love the overall look and feel of the L322. I have the dark blue HSE model, so it has the white/tan leather interior. The interior has been well kept and has already had a few compliments. The fuel consumption is great and the size of the truck is very handy.

I have had a few strange looks from people when I filled it up the other night, I think that is more because im a bit younger than most owners. Thanks to the depreciation over the past 12 years `) In saying that, regardless of it being 12 years old, I have to compliment Land Rover on the styling, as the truck is still very presentable today.

Anyway, thought I would pop up and say hi. Heres a photo from the seller.

Wheels I hope to buy this week (22x9.5)

I have just purchased the parts required to install my aftermarket Android double din touch screen. So, im hoping to install that within the next couple of weeks.

There is a progress thread coming for it, as I have quite a bit I would like to do to it, as it will be used as an advertising tool...


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Hi and welcome, I have not long started posting on here although I have been posting on several other forums for a long time. I have also just picked up a 2003 TD6 in the same colour as yours. I will be doing a fair bit to mine as it will be used off road like all my previous Range Rovers. I have 18" rims and wont be going bigger as I want as big a side wall as possible on the new tyres I get. My 1st things on the list are EGR delete, I have a nice polished stainless steel unit on the way. A vortex crankcase vent from a later BMW and a tuning chip. I will change all oils, filters and belts and as I cant find records of it being changed a secondary fuel pump. My car had a new gearbox and torque converter just before I bought it. I have just discovered that all the brake discs and pads are brand shiny new, strange no bill with the records.
On the Android unit, you say double din not one of the X5 / RR units. I have been considering exactly the same so would be interested to hear your fitting experiances. I was looking at a double din unit and an X5 housing, plus loom adaptor harness. Good thing with the Android unit is you can get Ozzie explorer on it for off road navigation

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Hey all. Figured I should probably chuck up an update :)

I have recently started my own gym apparel business, with the name "Staunch Authority". I purchased the truck with the intention of using it as a billboard on wheels as such. As there isnt a great amount of Range Rovers in New Zealand. The dark blue looks very similar to black the majority of the time, so the dark blue on the TSW alloys helps with the "Staunch" look. I hope to achieve the 'Murdered out' look to fit the "Staunch" identity.

Since purchasing the truck I have done the following:

- Removed the OEM stereo
- Installed an aftermarket touch screen Android head unit (bluetooth, 3g, wifi, rear view cam etc) & sub
- Installed a rear view camera
- Installed some TSW 20x9.5 alloys
- Painted the front and rear Range Rover badges black
- Painted the side vents black
- Painted the OEM grille black
- Opened the factory headlights and painted the inner shrouds black
- Installed dual switchback halo's (switch back halos work as DRL and also flash in time with the indicators/hazards)
- Purchased some Pre Cut 3M window tints

I know that halo's aren't everyones cup of tea, so you are welcome to flame me for installing them. As, I am not the biggest fan myself. However, like I said, this truck is being used as an advertising tool. The lights help with this. The more people that recognise the truck, the better. I have tried to implement these in a subtle and clean manner. Let me know what you think.

Here is a video of my new double din Android unit during installation in my previous car:


I will post up a bunch of interior shots/tips for installing an after market unit in my next post.


Here are the TSW wheels I have fitted




Here is the process for the headlight overhaul.

Dual halo setup from The Retrofit Source.


The front, pre installation.



Glass lens off


Glass lens off and inner shroud removed


Both headlights out. I felt a little guilty at this stage. Poor truck...


Test holes drilled for the halo fixing points


Halo's test fitted. Looking good!


Inner shrouds getting a new look.


Fixing the large halo into place on the shroud


Fitting the shroud into the headlight


Fixing point after paint. Nice and clean :thumbsup:


Lens back on (needs a clean)


Back on the truck and wired up. This is with the headlights off. The grille + badges have been painted also. The black over the Range Rover badge has now been removed.


Halo's on. DRL style


Comparison shot. Before vs after.

After seeing this shot, I have decided to bake the indicators open and paint the inner shrouds on those also. As the silver stands out like a sore thumb to me. Kill it all!!!


And here is a small clip of how the halo's work.

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