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Need to let off steam

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I am now on my 5th land rover product with a total of about 30 years reliable ownership and I have heard all the whinges and moans about LR over the years and how good the european / japanese motors are, well I now have a 4.4 bmw l322 and the only faults up to now have been crankcase breather pipes (stamped BMW) which degraded beyond belief and the top hose which decided to fall apart (again BMW) this situation was not helped when local stealer said "we do not stock those" This vehicle is very very good to drive and I will stick with it, but european manufacturers are imho not the dogs danglies and its time stealers did a proper main dealers job. Rant over
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Well, I'm impressed by how little has gone wrong with your L322.
But then, how long have you owned it, and if not from new, what was the experience of the previous owner.

Personally, I think we maybe need a sticky thread on this forum entitled "With reluctance I decided to desert the LR badge, and buy a (Toyota. Mercedes, Jeep, BMW, Ford, Audi, VW, Volvo, Nissan ....), and here's why...".

On second thought, maybe delete the Jeep from the above list, I don't think I could go that far...
0 problems with an 08 (totaled) and then an 09. Actually I had few problems with a RR Classic, 97 Defender, RR Mark II, Disco and the 04 RR Mark 3 but they were all bought new and sold with less than 60,000 miles. My G55 Merc. had more issues than all of the above combined however I bought it with 50,000 on the odo..
ive had range rovers for over ten years now and love them,the last one was a 2.5 autobiography that had 170000 miles on it when sold and was a stunning bit of kit. i think alot of the problems other people get are due to lack of service or maintainance. i service mine every 3000 miles and have never had a major problem, some say i service it too much but lets face it i havent had any problems and others have. you decide, all the other makes can kiss my a--e i will stick with the product that does the job and doesnt get stuck in a heap of cow muck.
You can see my list of Land Rovers below that have required nothing more than annual servicing , brakes & tyres as well as a weekly clean to keep them happy.

Land Rovers are great cars and for every one complained about on here there will be ten that have had zero problems.

Try not to to tar the entire brand with your personal brushes :roll:
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