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Need Some Cooling Advice

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The new water pump is ready to be installed and hopefully I'll get to drive my Rangie for the first time in almost a month this weekend. So before I put the wrong coolant in and before I incorrectly bleed the system and fry my engine lol. I would like to know if peak anti-freeze will mix with the other green stuff. Peak is essentially ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, and NJTRSN QT1 (w/e the heck that is). It seems that the Green OAT stuff that is in there now is made up of the same stuff and I should have no problem mixing the two, correct? And ANY tips on refilling and bleeding the cooling system are greatly appreciated. I've already checked the RAVE manual and found the proceedure to be... in adequate to say the least. Thank in advance everyone!
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Not ideal to mix fresh with old.........hang on.... its suicide to mix different anti freez brands.

Flushing the system is very easy, takes tops 20 mins with a garden hose attached
Don't mix the OAT with the standard EG type.

The GEMS uses the standard EG coolant, and the Thor uses the orange OAT stuff. See if you can find an engine cooling system flush and run that around for 10 minutes before dumping the coolant out and following Viper's advice about the hose.

The OAT is very expensive BTW. Much more than the standard type.
Thanks for the replies. Sorry about the confusion with the OAT non-sense lol. I got the two mixed up. What is currently in the RR is ethylene glycol, not OAT or dex-cool. I bought peak anti-freeze and it looks like i will end up flushing the system if I want to use it. Do you all have any tips on how to do this? I guess, where do I stick the garden hose? lol. I bought fully concentrated stuff which is "peak" long life or w/e its called, that is Ethelyn glycol based, but also has dyethelyne glycol which is an organic compound... I've been doing some reading and found that systems that have been using EG with the silicates, which are inorganic should not use any organic substances... So maybe I should take this stuff back and get something that is EG based with only the silicates in them. I found a really good article on coolants that sort of explains some things for me: http://www.underhoodservice.com/Article ... cting.aspx
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