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Troubleshooting a problem that just came about this past weekend. It's a 2001 4.6L HSE. Was hoping someone could provide known good values from their rover that is all warmed up and idling. What I'm looking for are the following from the "Air Fueling" section on the Nanocom:

MAF Sensor (g/s)
Injector time (ms)
Idle air (C)
IACV drive (n/a)
Idle load air (C)
Average trim bank A (n/a)
Average trim bank B (n/a)
Load air (kg/h)
Fuel Trim A (n/a)
Fuel Trim B (n/a)
Idle Trim A
Idle Trim B
Multi Trim A
Multi Trim B
Adaptive Purge (n/a)
purge rate (%)

Maybe a short video scrolling through each of the pages would be easier. I appreciate it :)

1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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I took mine for a drive to warm her up, 4.6 HSE GEMS, what you wrote down mine doesn't have..
Not sure how much difference there is between the Thor and the GEMS.

Current Throttle pos (V) 0.60
Stored throttle pos (V) 0.60
Adaptive air flow (kg/h) -2.72
Current air flow (kg/h) 28.79
Intake air temperature (C) 7
Air flow sensor (V) 1.54

Bank 1

Loop status (on:1 CL.USE O2
Pre cat O2 Sensor (V) 0.15
Post cat O2 Sensor (V) 0.00
Fuel trim long term (%) 13.75
Fuel trim short trim (%) 1.25

Bank 2

Loop status (on:1 CL. USE O2
Pre cat O2 sensor (V) 4.72
Post cat O2 sensor (V) 0.00
Fuel trim long term (%) 13.75
Fuel trim short term (%) 0.00

Adaptive FMFR (gm/s) 0.24
Fuel temperature (C) 29.67
Fuel level (V) 1.79
O2 configuration 11
Pre cat O2 sensor heater 1.00
Post cat O2 sensor heater 0.00

Secondary air status (on/off) 4
Curr. run line position 22
Long term adaptive idle 26
Short term adaptive idle 23
Idle speed reference (rpm) 625
Idle air control valve (%) 45

This is the screen I can change numbers;

Fuel flow rate 0.240
Air flow rate -2.725
Short term idle (steps) 22
Long term idle 26
Closed throttle (V) 0.600
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