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Need help with diagnosis of high and low speed CAN bus issues...willing to pay qualified person

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I am having communication issues with my 2006 LR RR 4.2L SC. The high speed can bus appears to be down/intermittant. Modules on that network include IC, TCM, PCM, ABS, etc. All of wich are not communicating with autel scanner. SDD usually does communicate, but scanning of module results different many times. Sometimes communicate and others not.

I also need good source for a spare key FOB of high quality.

If you respond, please be highly qualified. As I am using my LR for a cross country trip/move.


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Have you checked your rear hatch for water leakage? Shorted pins will take down the bus. There was a guy on youtube that found the parking module corroded, shorting the bus. I can't find the video though.
Did a quick study on CAN. Twin wire where each lead has a voltage "bias" of 2.5V. Uses a differential signal or difference between the Hi and Lo wires to form the serial bit message. This technique is done for noise immunity.

If a module craps out, unlikely that it will ground out the bus, unless it's been seriously shorted or cooked. Water getting into a module could do this tho.

Corrosion is the likely cause because when it gets bad, residue shorts the + and - leads, dragging the whole network down.
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