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Need help!! Suspension ?

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I am repairing a 99 p38 with stock suspension. It was hit by another car and damaged the driver side fender and bent the axle housing and the center link. i replaced those parts and sent it to the alignment shop which did the alignment. when i got it back the whole front suspension is an inch towards the passenger side. I also measured from the frame rail to the tire to confirm that it wasnt the body. I went to look at my car which is a 98 RR and mine also has the front suspension pushed to the passenger side.

Is this normal or are the radius arms bent?

Does anyone elses car look like this?
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The two front radius arms are bent around the underside of the axle. If the car has taken a large impact, then I suspect that the brackets holding the radius arms to the axle may be bent. Have you checked this?
There might still be unrepaired damage, but it's normal that the axle is not completely centered, due to the panhard rod having a fixed length and connecting the axle to the frame.

This was discussed before: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23421&start=0&hilit=panhard+rod

Although this is about the rear axle, both axles have a panhard rod and the same principles apply.

munichp (or sigi) is absolutely right.
Nothing to do with the radius arms!
The axle is locted laterally with respect to the chassis, by the panhard rod, not by the radius arms.
Depending on the car's ride height, the axle will move laterally because of the arc traced by the end of the panhard rod.
It will also move forward or backward because of the arc traced by the radius arms, but somewhat less.

In other words, there will only be one ride height at which the axle is exactly central.
That does not mean however that there is nothing still bent, from the accident.
thanks for you help guys.
I checked over everything else and it all seems fine. it seems that its pushed over the most when its in access mode but as the bags raise the body it gets better and when i put the car on the lift the suspension hangs to the other side. So this tells me that the suspension will only be centered at a certain height but everywhere else it will be off a little and become more drastic the higher or lower it goes.
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