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Need help identifying a dangling wire on the right rear

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Hello, new L322 owner here. What is this wire? I'm not quite sure what to make of this. It's dangling dangerously next to the wheel on the rear right. On one end (to the left in this photo), it is connected and tucked under the subframe along with with the TPMS initiator/transmitter wiring. On the other end, it routes through the subframe and possibly to the wheel hub, based on the look of the wire insulation. I cannot trace it to confirm because it tucks through the subframe. I will continue looking through manuals and diagrams unless someone could hapily help identify..

I have a flashing PARK light on the dash indicating a parking brake fault and hope this is related. I dont have a scanner ready yet to diag (brand new owner).

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It amazes me that the dealer service record for this car says that the brake and tire system was checked only approximately 5000 miles ago, yet the TPMS initiator and this wire (to be determined) on the right rear is just dangling out in the open. Very sloppy work. I ordered some scrivets to properly mount the initiator.
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Possibly brake pad wear sensor wire.
It's brake pad sensor or abs sensor....I'd imagine if it was an abs sensor you'd have a code and a light on the dash about it....probably pad wear sensor
Thank you. No manual has a clear wiring diagram, so I went ahead and felt everything down. To my surprise, there are wire ties that snake through the subframe with other sensor wires. Since there's still room, I'm left to assume that's where it goes. I just bundled it in with the rest and pray this is how it's supposed to be. The wire goes above and around the airbag and snakes through towards the back.
Well I'm of the "if it ain't broke.." phylosiphy, id just grab a zip tie and tuck it up away from the things that spin or move up and down. If you look hard enough there is likely some empty wire mounts/clips where the wire SHOULD be routed. If you're feeling especially proactive you could re-route it properly with new clips.
Agreed, it looks like the brake pad wear sensor cable.
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