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I am planning on upgrading the front bumper of my 2013 RRS HSE. I have been looking around for a few weeks but haven't seen too many. Suprisingly there are a lot more options for pre 2010 models and post 2014 at a good price point.

My main goal is to have a lower front bumper, than the one we get with L320 RRS, which will not require me to add lower rear bumper or side skirts. Basically something that will flow nicely without me having to do any modifications to the rest of the body.

I am okay with autobiography style front bumper and how low it sits but I don't want to go with that since it will look like I am a "wanna be". I also do not particularly like the autobiogrpahy rear bumper and exhaust tip look (no offense).

Budget ($2500 max for parts and paint) and convenience wise, I'd like to consider the following options:
  1. Add lip to the existing bumper, fornt and back, that will look and fit nice and won't look out of place. So what do you all thinks of these front and rear bumper trim from Russia: Range Rover Sport full body kit 2009-2013 frp | eBay ? I am personally worried how the fitment and quality will be on these cutom made body parts. And the seller also does not have any seller feedback; though have so many listings on ebay for various body kits for various manufacturere, make and model.
  2. Just the front bumper like a) SVR front bumper by PowerfulUK: SVR style front bumper for Range Rover Sport 2010 conversion HST autobiography b) the one from Xclusive: Range Rover Sport Xclusive | N/Wide Front Bumper / Diffuser | Xclusive Customz. I really like the one from Xclusive but they are not as well known as PowerfulUK. So I am skeptical about the quality and fitment. c) And then there's Duraflex front bumper: 10-13 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Eros V1 Duraflex Front Body Kit Bumper 108991 | eBay
  3. Least favorite option is to just go with autobiogrpahy style front bumper. Do you all think it will look wierd without the rest of the kit?
  4. Last option is to do nothing. But that's no fun specially when I do not have a plan to sell this car any time soon and it has fairly low mileage of 50k for it's age and I want to keep myself interested in driving it so I do not get the itch to buy a new one.
If you all have better kits you can show me or other options, I would very much appreciate your input. Thanks and stay healthy.
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