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Which interior color combo should I get with a Corris Grey

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My 2016 RR lease is ending soon and I am putting in an order for a 2019... my current is a Corris Grey with Espresso and Almond. It's held up well (I clean the seats often and don't wear jeans much) -- but I'm leaning towards the ebony and ivory combo this time.

It seems to be that the espresso/almond interior looks a bit more interesting with the grey speaker grills and such but the ebony and ivory looks a bit more formal and brighter.

But, I like the darker carpet "texture" of the 2018/2019 espresso/almond combo carpets vs my 2016 are almond and the black carpets on the Ebony/Ivory don't look as nice.

What do you guys like better?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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