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Re: Need HELP and ADVICE....NEW Rover is having MAJOR problems!

you're not out of line to ask that it be fixed, or replaced. but you do need to give them the chance to fix it first. i would say if you have had a couple of trips to the shop at your inconvenience and you feel that the car is simply not right for whatever reason, then start asking about a replacement. guage it by how they are treating you... if they are being accommodating and apologetic and helpfull then give them more benefit of the doubt. if they are being defensive and irritating then make a stink. remeber al pacino in scent of a woman? "I'LL TAKE A FLAMETHROWER TO THIS PLACE!!!!!". my dealer told me that i couldn't get a loaner car when i dropped my '06 off for the final detail and brake repair they owed me. i took the latter approach. good luck!
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