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OK...so I traded my 03 HSE in for a 09 RR Supercharged. Now the electronics and suspension system are going haywire...we are talking less than a week...200 miles. On a 10 minute ride had about 20 faults displayed. Height adjustments...kept trying to go to off road mode, kept going into extended mode, all without any inputs from the driver. Then the Nav screen kept showing green only and then started rolling like the vertical hold was off. Also have a clunking and thud coming from the front of the vehicle when driving....So my question is what is my recourse? Is it out of the question to ask for a new car? Sticker was 97k, got it for way less, but still, I shouldnt be experiencing these kinda problems with a Scion, let alone a 6 figure vehicle. This was just my last drive...also all kinds of suspension faults, Headlight faults, TPMS faults, and Nav and electronic problems. It seems that after a few days, all presets to the Sat system disappear, and then they have to be re-entered. Steering wheel stops coming down after a while, stays up in entry mode intermittently....sounds like a lemon to me...again...advice? Should I stop payment on my down payment check? Kinda want to have some ideas before I go in tomorrow. It was having problems from day one and I called the sales manager and he said that it was basically like a computer and needed to reboot itself...but the problems are escalating now...not going away....
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