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Need a new radiator

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Hi all, starting to get a bit of overheating when I'm either towing or been sat at 75mph and over for a while, as shes already got a new engine thermostat and pump, think its time for as new rad, does anyone know if any supplier does an uprated or high efficient rad for them. Would like an uprated one as she does do a lot of towing.
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200 model.....mmm ypie could be time for new rad as you mention it slowly goes up in temp
Im about to do the same with my 96.
Also be aware that if the AC rad section has been pressure cleaned it is very likely the fins have been blocked via the cooling plates being bent, ask me mines just like this.

When you remove rad to replace it will be worth applying a good degreaser on AC rad and clean, the bet is on that it will be partially blocked at the bottom with oil that has seeped out over time, I've done a few and all required further cleaning in this area
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