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I've got a bit of an interesting rover. 1992 3.9 5-speed, w/o ABS, seems to have grown up in the middle east (engine bay placards in Arabic) and I'm looking for a reputable shop in the NE to take care of it and perform some upgrades.

It has a tired LT77, showing slop and 1-2 problems (assuming worn mainshaft/input gear on LT230), tired syncros and a transfer case lever that won't go into lock. I would like someone that knows their stuff to do an R380 upgrade and provide some LT230 TLC, but I'm a little wary as think this is slightly tricky on the rover, as the most widely available R380 is the 'short' version used on US Defenders.

Anyhow, any recommendations? Is Congleton the real deal? I'm in NYC, but willing to travel/transport in the NE.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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