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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Just upgraded my '89 rangie to a very nice 2006 model. The new rangie is a little bit if a conundrum as it is march 05 build but appears to be an 2006 model, including jag motor, 6 speed gear box ( I counted) and the SALL number year is 06 as well.
Not sure how to confirm the type of tv and nav installed, BMW or MOST. Am assuming most.

It does not have the factory rear DVD system and as such no Aux input in the rear. ( is this a module or simply a cable that is not installed?)

The nav came with the original old disc and is obviously very out of date. ( anyone have an iOS of the latest DVD for Australia *:)

Also the *nav does not have niceties such as fixed camera warning and like many people most of my music is on my iPhone.*

There seems to be an expensive and bewildering array of upgrades and options for iPod upgrades and inputs etc.

What I would like to do is get both the Audio and Video from my iPhone onto the centre screen. This means I could have tomtom on the iPhone as the nav on the screen while either the nav instructions or music play through the main speakers. (not dreaming of touch screen or any other functions going back to iPhone, know steering wheel controls won't work etc.) Main thing is not having to have phone on silly mount on windscreen.

There are hints in the forums about a video audio input either on the back of the unit (not sure which unit) or on the TV u nit (this might be BMW unit?).

That would be best option depending if it is still visible when moving.

Second option might be to run the outputs of the iPhone into an TV RF modulator and tune in the TV to the output of the modulator. This would be quite a nice option as iPhone seems to support landscape output for screen mirror giving a nice big image on screen and letting me chose a better spot to mount phone rather that on silly windscreen mount.

Anyone know where the TV module is on my model and where the antenna in is for it?

This would require a TV on the move and I simply cannot work out if there is an easy cable patch or a more complicated box requiredo for my particular model. Can anyone help with this one?*

This would give me music through the modulator assuming that the TV in the range rover is stereo along with pause etc when the nav needs to say something, would even work with blue tooth phone as the phone will pause playback when answering.

Really just using the screen as a monitor for phone letting me mount it somewhere nice further down the dash.



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Did you ever end up installing something Terry?
I'm in the similar process of deciding whether to pull the trigger on a NAV-TV opv-1r and isimple iphone cable (would have liked a navtv product with a straight iphone connection rather than transporting the signal via a composite signal) or install a double din head unit in place of the touch screen navigation, new amps and new speakers/sub, retaining the factory head unit at the same time.
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