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my P38 Gems 1996 4.0 SE had some major work done which resulted in the damaging and susequent replacement of one ABS sensor (FRH) and some fiddlying of the FLH Sensor (removing, cleaning, lubricating bush and refitting).

After carrying on the repairs, with NO particular logic, a soft ABS fault will show on the dashboard with the fault clears itself by turning off and on the car.

I have a NANOCOM and before turning off the car I checked which sensor was giving issues and NO FAULT was logged....

Yesterday , just by pure chance I had the same error popping up on the dash while I was meeting my mechanic for another car job and he offered to look into the logs using his very posh and professional brand new Diagnostic equipment.

there were 3 logs ABS related , please forgive me if the words are not exactly the same:

- all weels are turning, not a fault , green light
- FLH ABS sensor distance too high red light
- FRH ABS Sensor distance Too high Green light.

as a curiosity we did not clear the faults and plugged the Nanocom straight in to see what was showing and the only message recorded was the one related of the wheels turning, other that that nothing.

how it comes that the NANOCOM does not show the logs that the other computer can?
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