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N.A.S tow hitch - Does your rattles that much?

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I recently upgraded to N.A.S tow hitch and i'm using a Pintle Hook 2" 'Receiver from Northerntools.com

It rattles a lot in the tow hitch.

Any solution to this?
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I don't know but is the ball 2 inch or 50mm?

A 50mm coupling will go on and feel right on a 2 inch ball but WILL come off at some point!

The 50mm balls have a flat top to them, if the one you have is round don't use a European hitch on it.
I'm working with 2 american parts : NAS tow hitch ( the 2inches square female) and the pintle hook receiver( square male part 2 inches)
Wrap a couple of strips of duct tape around "your male part." It'll last for awhile.
second the duct tape. 'bout two wraps around worked for me. you could also try a strip of foam or weather stripping with adhesive on one side of the male portion to snug it up. both tape and stripping work well and when they get too beaten up you just pull it off and re do it. cheap and disposable. :thumb:
My 'receiver' has a nut welded to the underside about 3" from the end. When you tighten the bolt (in the nut), all 'slop' stops. Very effective.

Re ball sizes, I've never heard of a 2" ball, only 1-7/8" and 50mm. There are some really cool draw-bar connectors available, that do both sizes (properly), by twisting the handle, half a turn. :)
2" ball is the standard here in the states. 1 7/8" is normally for smaller trailers like jet-skis and such.
I didn't think about duct tape. Easy and lazy i like that. I'll try that first.
did you have to use "lazy"? :lol:
:roll: good grief. Have you folks forgotten the two most important rules in life? If it doesn't move, and it should, use WD-40. If it moves, and it shouldn't, use duct tape! :mrgreen:
dutchfrompredator said:
did you have to use "lazy"? :lol:
Too much work on the Rover for this summer and still tons of things to do.
I like the idea of duct tape rather than take the trailer hitch off and have a nut welded on it.
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