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Ok, please hang on till the end because this is a good one. Yes i gave the amber light that comes on... "SUSPENSION FAULT - NORMAL HEIGHT ONLY"...join the club right? Wrong...I'm starting a new club. The, " MY TRUCK STILL RAISES WITH A CHEAT CODE CLUB"

Here we go,
some months ago i began having the issue.
Start RR, air compressor on for about 30 sec..then amber light.
Sometimes, it comes on IMMEDIATELY....like, right in your face "you're stuck in access height! deal with it!"
Other times...it waits for a while, THEN comes on....but oops...you're still in access height. WTF...
BUT WAIT!!! My 4x4 screen says i'm at standard height..even tho my little white markers above the tires are clearly not high enough, and the orange blocks on-screen are nowhere near level!
Ok lets do the thing..the "shut it off and reset the brain"...did that and BAM! 4x4 screen says OFF ROAD now !! but oops...you're still at access height lol. Oh by the way, because you've now pressed the button to "raise" the bags since you "thought" you reset the brain....both the of amber selector lights on the console are on for off road and normal.
NOW,,,get ready for the cheat code...
after many many tries, and many Heinekens..I began to notice that shutting off the engine while i was still sitting in the truck, got me an IMMEDIATE amber light.
So I get out and try to watch for any changes while i do the reset..now for some reason the light doesn't come on right away...and the compressor is now running.
But oops...still nada.
So i get back in the truck feeling shame and depression and accept the fact that i've lost the battle.
But suddenly now the 4x4 screens says "Raising"....??
Can't be true because the amber light is still on and the system is still faulted...
but the compressor is still running...
now my little white height markers are at normal height, my orange blocks are level, and my ride quality just went from ass destroyer to memory foam...
It stays like this until the next morning where after being parked over night....its dropped again.
Turns out that when i reset the brain with the DRIVERS DOOR OPEN, the fault doesn't appear right away and the compressor fills the tank. Not sure what the connection is here but we all know that if you open a door while the truck is raising or lowering, it stops while the door is open. That's gotta be a sensor or switch somewhere...i'll get to that in just a sec.
Now when you press the console button to raise the truck...BOOM instant fault.
NOW. open the door again and reset the brain....now close the door and see that same 2 lights are on the console at the same time..off road and normal. The 4x4 screen shows access height via the white markers and the orange level blocks, but you're console control basically says you're stuck between normal and off road...
so basically the screen, sensors and control panel are all speaking different languages now...nobody can decide what hell is going on....
NOW I PRESS DOWN....YES DOWN!!! on the control switch because it says i'm stuck between off road and normal..and the 4x4 screen says i'm in OFF ROAD height...so its only logical EXCEPT the truck is lowered!!!
The 4x4 screen now says "RAISING"
Even tho the amber fault light is on and the 4x4 screen says raising, after i pushed DOWN on the selector, and it thinks i'm in off road height but i'm really in access...the truck goes to normal height and stays there for the whole day.

SO... just to recap..
- open door
-start rr
-push button
-wait for fault
-shut off engine
-open door again
-start rr
-close door
-fault will occur and truck will raise anyway...

This works EVERY SINGLE TIME... i cannot make this up.

So my question is...lol....how many sensors are involved in the RRS air suspension and can anyone else please shoot around ideas as to which one or ones could be causing this. I feel that alot of peoples agony with their EAS could quite possibly be sensor related WITHOUT having to go to the dealer. I'm a big DIYer and i fix my own vehicles...i think i'm just the only one who played with it long enough to figure this out.

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That sounds like a lot. First off, if it goes down over night, the rig has a leak. If that's not fixed imho, you do not have a bench mark or base line to start from, plus the leak will put a strain on your compressor. Your leak could be anywhere. Mine were (yes, 2) in the Reservoir Valve Block and the Rear Valve Block, then I had a bad Drier and a faulty exhaust valve or air exhaust muffler (I think its called) in the Air-Compressor.
- Sounds like you will def need a good Indie shop to take a look at it. From the codes thrown, they will have an idea where to start.

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I was wondering about a possible leak...or 2 in your case lol. I will do the soapy water test and see if I can figure it out. I tried to make that post as interesting as possible to read because it’s a unique situation I think. I can successfully raise the truck every single time by doing that. I’ll start with the front air block because the front end raises a lot slower than the rear. Thanks for the lead. I’ll post back with progress as I get it
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