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I’ve had my MY18 since March and have had consistent screen issues since. At 600, 1000, 2000, 3000 and now 4000 miles the car has been in the dealer for more of the same stupid fun.
Rebooting while driving, screens retracting randomly, no sound at all, radio and navigation stating to be unavailable, backup cameras not working, getting the cars on the dash instead of the intended apps, parking sensors not beeping, Bluetooth stops working, etc etc etc.
They’ve replaced the Control Unit they’ve patched the software no less than 4 times (I think) and yet nothing works. It’s like they fix one problem only to have 5 more pop up. The latest software from July is more glitchy than the last one from May/June!?!?
It’s getting stupid at this point.
My ask from the knowledgeable folks in this group is how do you handle this? Dealer offered to put me in touch with LRNA, I assume to discuss compensation or lemon, has anyone done it with LRNA? What has been your experience. I’m sad to give up on a car this expensive and so good looking but it’s beyond stupid when I have to hold up my phone to make calls and risk a ticket cause my 120k car’s Bluetooth doesn’t work, something so basic that even the rental Hyundai I had last weekend can make work all the time.

Also who else is still having consistent issues with their cars and should we consider some class action **** for this terrible product roll out.
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