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MY10 Software Update

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I noticed this on the RR Sport UK forum the other day. Does anybody have additional details? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the console TFT will start having a real purpose aside from being a glorified gas gauge. It would also be nice if: 1) the nav language didn't reset to UK each time I start the car; 2) the audio system didn't "forget" that I selected shuffle on my iPod every 3-5 times I start my car; 3) the nav voice didn't get louder just because the music is turned up louder (no need for that when the system mutes the music audio before speaking to me); and Sirius didn't revert to the subscribe now screen and channel every time I start the car. Did I miss anything? :lol:

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Latest word is that the TFT display in the instrument cluster will continue being a glorified gas and oil gauge for the foreseeable future. LR must have hit a brick wall when trying to get additional functions to show within it, see separate thread from that same forum: http://www.rrsport.co.uk/forum/topic15948.html (the bad news are on page 2.)

There should already be a TSB with a software update available from your dealer to correct issue #1 (unless they pulled the TSB, which they did in the past.) For the remaining ones... Don't hold your breath. :lol:
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