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2011 RRS HSE & 2010 LR4 HSE
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Hi all, just recently we brought into our family a 2011 RRS and for the last weeks that is all, I have been driving.
Just today I had to do a quick run and since my wife's LR4 was parked behind the RRS I took it to the store.

I was shocked by the difference! The LR4 felt peppy, nimble and with immediate throttle response. I thought it was the fact the RRS is 7085 LB, but to my surprise, the LR4 is 7154 LB.
At this point, I am wondering if the RRS was designed to have a more drawn out throttle response and meant to feel heavier. Don't get me wrong I like the feel but am wondering if there is anything wrong with the car. Any thoughts? Thank you.
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