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I put on the Duellers after trying the Pirelli Scopions. First of all, the Contis are the worst, don't put those back on. They are known for not lasting very long because they are a very soft tire. Hence why you only got 19K out of them. These cars chew through soft tires quickly. After putting 32K on the Scorps (it is a 30K tire), I was talked into trying the Duellers by the shop as I was told how great they are. Wasn't until after the fact when I drove away I found out they were run flats (ugggh!). Loud and hard. I would never put Duellers back on again. This car rides hard enough with the low profile set up not to add even more noise with harder run flats. I can really feel the road through the steering wheel with these Duellers (and not in a good way either). I'm going back to the Scorps once I get through these Duellers. Problem is I only have 12K on them and can't justify replacing them just yet. I was so impressed with the Scorps that I also put them on my wife's LR3...and man what a difference they made!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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