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Figured I'd pay it forward for new owners or people about to order the Velar as I'm one, and I've been learning a lot from here lately.

I didn't pay the $400 or so to get Sirius installed thinking I'd get it done for cheap outside the dealership. BIG mistake!

- There's no DVD player that comes in the car
- Installing Sirius after you take delivery is a different affair that not only costs a few hundred more, but also would add an unsightly button on your dash

The problem with no having the DVD player or Sirius for a guy like me is, I don't save music to my phone. Neither do I own an iPod or the like. I prefer to stream, and prefer to use Spotify. Unfortunately, Spotify usage constitutes for data usage that's far more expensive than having to pay $10 per month to Sirius.

Do yourselves the favour, buy it when you're placing the order so it comes built-in upon delivery. Even if you don't see yourself paying the $10 per month radio fee in the near future, at least get the Sirius radio installed. :-?
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