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My P38 Offroad

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Late this past summer, nobody else wanted to try this hill a few said their wives forbade them but I like to think they were just scared :lol:
Anyhow it was pretty steep and you can see the traction control doing its job as the tires scrubbed themselves clear.
I had to pull rocks out of my trailer socket afterwords....

Thanks for looking...
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That's a helluva climb.....Nice.

Now, have you tried descent of the same hill?
I did contemplate the decent but decided that my front fog lights would prefer to be removed with hands tools rather than the Canadian Shield. Pretty sure I would have had the same amount of interference as the back bumper but perhaps without the same control on the decent as I had on the ascent.... :shock:
great video. the wife dug it too. :clap:
You made that hill your driveway :thumb:
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Jolly good show. And I also understand your apprehension about doing a ´chin scrape´ on a descent. Well your success is your companion´s loss.
That looked awesome, I was expecting a run up for momentum and some wheel slip but you made it look so slick and dignified. I'll be honest, I cringed when the rear end caught the deck, I think it's because I have a colour coded rear bumber though.
How come I can't see it? :think:
q-rover said:
How come I can't see it? :think:
Only the chosen shall see the righteous path.
Glad You guys liked it, perhaps I will go back next year in the lla and make the descent!!!

I would say accomplishing just the ascent is perfectly good enough. And, you accomplished that with style.

Going down, I don't know if you can control the speed. Just looking down through the windshield, seeing pretty much just the ground below is enough to get anyone to piss in their pants IMO-And, I would say that would be a normal reaction for just about anyone.

I don't have any experience like this to know, but for a descent like this, is it a good idea to set up a rear winch or something?
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