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My P38 hates me.

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Have a few problems, maybe some could help me out on these.

1. Door only opens from outside now. Decided to do that. However, it never worked properly. The drivers door lock would stick, and lock/unlock only if you moved the button up or down, or opened with key (lock was too weak to open with remote)

2. Cracked windshield. Cheap aftermarket?

3. The HEVAC system threw an open book at me, one time only, hasn't done it since, and hadn't done it before, but still gets me nervous.

4. Headliner suggestions? Don't know how to do it myself, don't want to learn either. Want to have a shop do it, but if I go OEM, will it fall again eventually, or???

Let me remind you, the truck was bought in March. Alternator failed the day after I bought it, the windshield 3 days later. Door, 1 week after.
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It just might be ganging up on you now, but none of these are (Mr. Slave from SP voice:) Super Serial!

I've had the entire HVAC reworked and replaced and still got the stupid testbook in a week. Everything works fine, it is just ignored at this point. Don't sweat it.

I have glass coverage, so a new heated windscreen cost me $50 (deductable). I believe you are probably looking at around $700 for a heated replacement without insurance, but I will check my papers this evening and see if I can see the actual price on there for ya. If I remember to check that is, always a risk. :D Possibly cheaper without the heat, but in cold climates it is very handy, although I don't like looking through the squiggles the rest of the year.

If this is your daily driver and in good shape, I'd have the headliner done by a good upholstery shop. It won't be super expensive and they will do a better job than you can and it will last.
TheoR said:
As for #4, better material may be no material. That is, remove the old fabric and padding clean, and paint the fiberglass shell. I think some of the members here have done that, and been happy w/ the result.

Wouldn't that be a little noisy though without the padding? Just wondering.

As for materials, anything is probably better than the mouse fur that is OEM. Perhaps a faux suede or even something smooth and easily cleanable like a leather look vinyl? Your upholstery shop could probably offer some good advice on materials, that's what they do.
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