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My P38 hates me.

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Have a few problems, maybe some could help me out on these.

1. Door only opens from outside now. Decided to do that. However, it never worked properly. The drivers door lock would stick, and lock/unlock only if you moved the button up or down, or opened with key (lock was too weak to open with remote)

2. Cracked windshield. Cheap aftermarket?

3. The HEVAC system threw an open book at me, one time only, hasn't done it since, and hadn't done it before, but still gets me nervous.

4. Headliner suggestions? Don't know how to do it myself, don't want to learn either. Want to have a shop do it, but if I go OEM, will it fall again eventually, or???

Let me remind you, the truck was bought in March. Alternator failed the day after I bought it, the windshield 3 days later. Door, 1 week after.
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Your P38a doesn't hate you. All Range Rovers are known to test new owners, if you see it through, you'll end up with a great car. :wink:

1. Remove the doorlining, it's probably just a connecting rod that's come lose. While at it, check the door lock and latch and grease it, so the motor has an easier time opening it.

2. I know of cheap windshields, but unfortunately only in Belgium via a local glass shop...

3. No need to worry, could be a momentary glitch in the system. As long as you get warm or cold as desired, everything is fine. You could get someone with a Testbook or similar to read the code, so you know what caused the error.

4. No experience. We have done it on an RRC, was a lot of work, but manageable.


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