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Hi - I've been doing some reading on the forum regarding people having problems with their horn, steering wheel, rotary coupler, SRS, etc... and I thought I would share my recent experience regarding my horn fix.

Diagnosis: Horn doesn't work from the steering wheel buttons. However, alarm does work. Note: SRS and "airbag fault" intermittent problem also apparent in my case.

Troubleshooting: Checked engine compartment fuse box for Horn fuse (#41) - looks good, still replaced it. Steering wheel controls for stereo work. Looks like there could be some dirt or grime within airbag pad on the steering wheel (bad connection?). Horn relay in the engine compartment fusebox looks ok, but can't really tell.

Solution: Decided to try a new Horn relay. Replaced the old one with this known-good one from my local indy RR shop and it fixed my problem.

In the end, it was a $5 fix.... no faulty connections or loose wires, or rotary coupler.... just a dead relay.


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