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I know this is not much to go on, but if you have an idea to make me feel better while I wait for the dreaded call.

2010 - Ranger Rover - HSE 82K:

- Got on the highway A/C would blow cold then not off and on.
- Engine temp gauge was down near 1/4 it's typically been at 1/2 since I've owned the thing.
- Weird intermittent noise (high ptiched something loose spinning) as I existed the highway.
- From stop beast went another 500 feet, "Some warning light with regards to reduced performance"
- She shut down and coasted to stop
- Smell of Coolant, Coolant pooled on the ground and some white smoke from under the hood.

I called Roadside and proceeded to play some Pokeman Go while I waited.

I know the info is limited but, any thoughts??

Also, I had this towed to a local garage of a guy that I know and has worked on Range Rovers before, should I go to the dealer with this??


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Seems odd that your low coolant light didn't trigger.
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