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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hello all `)

I've made an introductory post in the intro section of this forum so i thought i would start asking the proverbial questions :geek:

#1 She is Monte Carlo Blue the person i bought her off kept swearing this was a one of a kind super rare colour, is this true or just a load of gobbledegook said to tempt me.

#2 I got her cheap because of a myriad of faults namely leaking Valley gasket several electrical faults and some Rot. Do P38's warrant restoration? some people i have asked said they will like their Classic ancestors become quite sought after, i'm not looking at this car as too much of an investment, i've bought her to hopefully enjoy when i can afford the insurance which will be a good few years.

But just gathering some opinions `)

Some pic's

Thank for having me. :lol:

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