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MY 18/19 SVR - Full sized spare?

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I’m wondering if there is any option for a full sized spare in the MY18/19 SVR?

I realise that it isn’t an option at order time, but wondering if it can be purchased afterwards and if it will fit? If not, what is the limitation compared with the standard V8SC?
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I have a 2018 RRS V8SC with the factory ordered full-sized spare which is a 255/55/20 with an overall diameter of 31" and fits perfectly under the back cover. If the tires on your SVR are close in diameter and width the spare tire well should accommodate a matching full-sized spare.
If you’re going oem. You’d have to get 21s.
I recently discovered this. I had winter tires installed, with rims.
I tried putting one of my OEM 21s in the spare tire well and it fits fine. Just keep an eye out for the flat repair kit, that it doesn’t get crushed while you’re putting your spare rim in there.

I’m going to keep the 21 factory, all season, in there just in case I get a flat or something.
I would do the same when I switch back to summer tires. But my winter tires are directional. I guess I could always switch 2 tires if push came to shove.

So in short, from factory, in Canada, there was no option to get a full size spare from factory. You can get one and put in there. OEM you’d need 21 or bigger. Aftermarket, you can go to a 20 and they can still fit while clearing the callipers.

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I have 22" full size spare in my '19 ATB, I would assume that it's the same for SVR, so it should fit a full size spare. I'm assuming at this point, the chassis and spare tire/wheel well is the same across the whole line, I can't imagine JLR would do different size for different models.

Land Rover will certainly lose me as a customer if it doesn't support a full sized spare. I have already crossed Touareg, Volvo XC90, etc off my list of possible next cars. My 2015 RR Sport has a full size spare which sits around the suspension compressor under the floor of the boot (trunk). My driving is on country roads in Australia which are quite often littered with small pieces of wood from tree litter, iron hard and they go straight through the tread leaving a hole which tyre repair gunk just cannot handle.
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