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mutiple misfire

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Hello all.Well i have a 1997 Land Rover Range Rover 4.0 SE.Auto trans.Well a while i back i was having mutiple misfires in the engine.The mechanic checked it out and saw one of the coils wasn't producing spark.So he changed the coil and it still had multiple misfires.So we replaced the ECM just in case and it does the same thing now randomly.It may run fine for a hour or two then starts failing.What could it be?.
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Wrong spark plugs wrong gap or both, HT leads, if they look new are they a good quality, I prefer genuine on HT leads as to the correct spark plugs which is Champions RN11YCC gapped at 1mm

otherwise a failing crank shat sensor but usually they just go in style leaving you stranded


carboned up valves, common problem
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