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Multipli error codes

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Good Afternoon All,

And once again I turn to a Land Rover Forum for help on my L322 Range Rover.
From the start, Car was in the garage for oil/filter and door cable fix. Picked it up, no worries, left it on the drive for 48 hours and went to use today.
On the start of the key, EML light and message Engine Failsafe Prog.
Car started and ran as it should, took it for a short drive, drive as it should so had to use it for a short journey.
Then HDC and Air suspension inactive come up. Car still drives as it should.
Got to the destination, turned off car, turned back on. EML light, but no HDC Air waring.
10 minutes later, HDC and AIR inactive on.
Car drives great.
Took it a pal who plugged it in and this is what we got.
P1660 –ECM Self Test limp home error
P0000- Electronic Throttle monitoring self test
P1631- Throttle output
P0000- Electronic thermostat circuit fault
P0156 O2 Sensor
P0000- Engine cooling fan control
P0120 Throttle body/pedal pedometer fault switch A
P0221 Throttle body/pedal pedometer fault switch B

Now, the car drives well, no overheating, no throttle hesitation, changes gear great, accelerates great, there are no physical issues with this car whatsoever.
I believe this to be a single error and throwing everything else off, but i/we havnt a clue what.
He cleared all the codes and I have drove home- 6 miles through the country side and no errors have come up, I turned car off and ‘Engine failsafe Prog’ on message panel. Started again, no error messages.
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Low voltage?
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