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Mounting Front Coil Springs Question

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Hey guys-
Inherited a set of 2" lift springs. 8) The rear installation looks pretty straight forward. Do I have to remove the shock towers when installing the fronts, or can the springs be wiggled out and into place with just the lower shock attachment undone? (It's a 92... shock runs thru the center of the front coils)
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Sweet. Thanks!
:doh: I was afraid of that! If I remove the tower, I can't go without upgrading towers and shocks. You know how that goes... :roll:

decisions, decisions...
To close this loop...
Just finished putting new 2" lift coil springs all around. Looks great! Didn't realize how sagged the old spings had gotten. Now I can work underneath with ease. 8)

I was able to swap out the fronts without undoing the towers and with only the shock bottom detached. However, it was a heck of a challenge. I had the Bilstein shocks to contend with. I could squeeze them up (with some force) but they kept expanding back out to length which created quite a maddening situation in trying to fit the new springs into position before the shock elongated too far... I did have to use a spring compressor (the rear axle would articulate enough for the spring to pop right out) but the front axle wouldn't articulate enough to get the springs out or in without the compressor. I even disconnected the swaybars. I had the use of a forklift to lift the vehicle one side at at time. Maybe with a full frame lift things would have been different. Oh well, job is done and Sweet Pea's looking sharp. :thumb:
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