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I have a MY13 RRSC. Warranty is now out. It is time to change the oil. Owner's manual calls for SAE 5W-20 meeting specification WSS-M2C925-A, ILSAC GF4. I used Castrol Edge Professional for the last change, but have have a tough time justifying $120/6 liters. Alternate Castrol Edge products are now meeting specification WSS-M2C945-A and are ILSAC GF5. Does anyone know if these products fulfill the xxx925 criteria? I also found Ravenol on Amazon. This fits the specifications listed in the owner's manual and the product states that this is compatible with Jaguar/Land Rover STJLR.03.5004: https://www.amazon.com/RAVENOL-J1A1504-SAE-5W-20-Motor/dp/B00EWJUH08. Does anyone have any experience with this product?

I drive 7500 miles a year and and plan to change the oil annually.

Do I bite the bullet and get the Castrol? Do I try the German brand? Or do I stick with M1?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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